My Vision

Pilates is one of the most popular forms of exercise focusing on muscular strength, core stability – try it for a leaner, stronger and healthier you! I also offer one to one Pilates and Personal Training sessions for strength, fat loss and general fitness.

I am also a fully qualified  Pre / Post Natal  exercise and nutrition specialist. 

Who Am I?

Hi I’m Zoya and I run Kuala Lumpur Pilates. No I haven’t always been into fitness – much like Jo Pilates himself I was a frail child and wasn’t very ‘sporty’ at all. Much like the great man though I have always believed that anyone could get stronger / healthier / leaner / better at certain sports if they took part in the activity they really enjoy. So there I was. Swimming, then yoga, then…oh yes, Pilates! And quite a few other things – gradually. Still a big believer in variety and personalised approach I am now here to help you achieve your goals through PT, Pilates and more on one to one or group basis. After many years of experience teaching pilates and other fitness disciplines in top clubs in London, I am bringing my expertise to Kuala Lumpur.
Enjoy healthier and happier life and have a little fun too – you deserve this!
  • One London’s leading Pilates instructors teaching at the most prestigious clubs
  • Level 3 qualified Pilates instructor and personal trainer
  • Variety of one-2-one and group sessions
  • Specialist in: Exercise for fat loss, advanced resistance training and core stability
  • Warm and approachable