Are you looking to shift those few stubborn pounds or maintain your current weight? Do you want to learn more about balanced nutrition and easier ways of managing your daily dietary intake? Are you tired of ‘quick fixes’ and food fads and want real long lasting results? Are you looking for individual approach to your dietary requirements?

I am a Level 3 Qualified Nutrition and Weight Management Advisor and would love to help you achieve your goals!

I offer a private 8 week Nutrition and Weight Management course including:
  • Initial consultation including the breakdown of your current diet (worth £35 – FREE with the 8 week course)
  • Recommendations based on the Eatwell Plate on both the macro and micro nutrients intake
  • Individual suggestions based on your likes
  • Recommendations on foods to limit or avoid
  • Detailed food diary at weeks 1 and 4
  • Weekly consultations
  • Opportunity for food shopping trips
Get in touch for more information and a friendly chat about your nutritional needs!