Golf is a relatively slow-paced sport, however the powerful and repetitive swing action required puts quite a strain on the back, arms and shoulders. Poor technique can contribute too many of the aches and pains that often arise from playing regularly. The perfect swing requires a high degree of mobility as well as precision and power. This is often overlooked by many golfers who continue to try to build their technique on the shaky foundations of poor body mechanics.

Taking time out from the driving range to practice Pilates, even once a week, could dramatically improve your game by developing your movement potential. It will also help you stave off strain-related injuries. The following exercises are recommended:

  • Hip rolls
  • Oblique curl ups
  • Arm openings
  • Single leg kicks
  • Roll downs
  • Wait twist – standing
  • Side reach – standing
  • Pilates squats
Pilates For Golf

                                 Spine Twist