Are you planning on conceiving? Are you currently pregnant or just had a baby?

Get in touch with me for advice on staying in the best shape during all three trimesters of your pregnancy, and regaining your pre pregnancy figure, as well as getting the best nutrients for you and the baby through the right diet and supplements. I have a Level 3 qualification in Pre and Post Natal Nutrition approved by British Association of Nutrition and offer a variety of personalised consultations tailored to your needs:

  1.  Pre pregnancy package (plan before you conceive – get your ultimate personalised guide on pre pregnancy nutrition:

–          find out your BMI (body mass index) and the effect it has on your health, chances of conceiving and wellbeing of your future baby

–           get the tips on the balanced pre pregnancy diet based on your food diary

–           find out what vitamins and supplements are needed for the healthiest pregnancy

–           realise the full effects of smoking and alcohol on your future pregnancy)

  1. Prenatal package (congratulations, you are pregnant! Treat yourself to the ultimate personalised guide on prenatal nutrition, including:

–          guidelines on weight gain based on your pre pregnancy BMI – are you gaining enough/too much?

–           the basic guidelines and limitations to exercise (for more detailed information please refer to my Pre and Post Natal Personal Training and Private sessions)

–          more information on additional calorie intake during pregnancy (should you be ‘eating for two’?)

–           what vitamins, minerals and supplements needed for healthy foetus development as well as maintaining your wellbeing

–          recommendations on the foods to limit or avoid during pregnancy based on your food diary

–          the full effect of alcohol on your pregnancy, early stages in particular)

  1. Postnatal package (plan before the baby arrives – get your ultimate personalised package on postnatal nutrition including:

–          guidelines on the benefits of breastfeeding for both yourself and the baby

–          tips on the healthy postnatal diet including vitamins and supplements

–          tips on foods and drinks to limit and avoid

–          information on how to start losing weight after giving birth (how soon could you start losing weight? What’s the safest way to achieve the weight loss?)

–          advice on exercise and  overcoming the obstacles to physical activity (for more detailed information please refer to my Pre and Post Natal Personal Training and Private sessions)